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To further push heavy snow and ice project beijing-tianjin-hebei white industry 'connecting' dots

Date: 2019-12-10

As the winter Olympics more and more close, beijing-tianjin-hebei ice and snow tourism resources are also accelerating convergence, various capital also dig "bonanza" ice and snow tourism in deep.On December 9, beijing-tianjin-hebei winter ice and snow tourism experience type (hereinafter referred to as the "type"), multiple ice tour line, brand activities focus on appearance, showing places together to build on the above, north of Beijing ecological ice and snow are advancing the "white" travel to different regions, forming mechanism of cross-regional visitors to send each other further.Industry is generally believed that "series" the development of the beijing-tianjin-hebei region, will borrow three winter tour resources, advancing the winter sports culture with ice and snow tourism development, but on the other hand, in terms of the top-level design, also deal with three industry guided, ice and snow in the standard, the respect such as service form a unified at the same time, realize the differentiation development on form, orientation, avoiding homogeneity and price war.

Big project appearance

At the promotion, the relevant person in charge of Beijing yanqing area, in this year's joy season of snow and ice, including the light and the culture, the longqingxia art festival of lanterns, good home annual temple fair activities such as brand, from the beginning of December this year lasted until the end of February next year, covering ice seminar carnival, snow, ice and snow festival holidays, ice Lantern Festival temple fair, ice and snow event six major parts, a total of 60 leisure activities.In addition, yanqing district this year launched special article 8 linkage yanqing and zhangjiakou multiple resource point of ice and snow tourist route, covering ice and snow carnival, the garden lights, stop ski resort, hot spring resources and so on more than 30 points.While the relevant person in charge of the shijingshan district article travel bureau said, "in the day time, can open a 2022 games dream trip, the morning to the new shougang games organizing committee of the exhibition hall, understand the world games development history, touch the games are deep and long;At noon in the "lang garden park", experience the culture of the games and art;In the afternoon, can go to the citizens of ice and snow sports center, experience a ballet on the ice..."

Zhangjiakou, hebei province, the relevant person in charge of travel bureau is introduced, the games are an opportunity to the local actual snow and ice tour industry is mixed development, in addition to the games zhangjiakou snow event command center, the games are irrefutable genting resort core games venues and related facilities such as high-profile, including prince city park, ski resorts too dance, worship ritual stop ski industry and special tourism scenic area has attracted wide attention.And tianjin ji obviously also launched a mass of ice and snow season, at the same time, will also be a skiing in beijing-tianjin-hebei open, beijing-tianjin-hebei ski invitational, etc.In addition, to commemorate the world of snow day and international children's HuaXueJie, thistle chau international ski resorts will also be a predominantly of tianjin primary school children's ski racing, and formation of college students, children's ski club ski club.Ji states each scenic spot also successively with snow and ice as the theme of cultural tourism activities to build series.

"This joint promotion, to strengthen the pilot demonstration area of cultural tourism construction, build the games atmosphere plays an important role and significance."Beijing cultural tourism administration inspector Shi Anping said.

Ice and snow tourist take shape

In the promotion conference, Beijing sports university, vice President of the institute of management Lin Xianpeng also pointed out that "it is well known that the world has two big ice industry area, including the European Alps region and North America, Alaska and the Rocky Mountains, and beijing-tianjin-hebei region is expected to become the world's third pole ice industry."He further examples, as of April 15, 2018, a total of 481 pieces of ice in our country, including indoor ice rink 232 piece, outdoor ice 249 pieces.And beijing-tianjin-hebei region has 114 ice blocks, accounting for 23.7%, of which the indoor ice rink 83, 35.78% of the country, the consumption of this area with a large customer group, in the national snow and ice market proportion is more and more heavy, "next, the three places along the 'mountain ecological culture should be create' ski tourism industry area, and the" urban development belt "construction" ski industry development belt '."

In fact, beijing-tianjin-hebei has also realized the importance of the dots.Held recently, the Beijing municipal bureau of text brigade Beijing winter tourism promotion seminar, geared to the needs of more than nearly 400 tourism enterprises, concentrated launched 30 winter tourism routes, including 15 theme Tours and article 15 road routes.And, more importantly, the recommendation is not limited in Beijing city, and also includes with the games as the theme of Beijing yanqing, zhangjiakou worship ritual three day tour, etc."At present, Beijing and surrounding provinces and cities in particular connection of zhangjiakou is becoming more and more convenient transportation, to Beijing, yanqing, zhangjiakou and so on 'series'."Wang yue, deputy director of the Beijing wen tour bureau is introduced.

But there are also the personage inside course of study thinks, industry data in verifying the ice, the prospects for this, no doubt, especially with the tourism economy continuously detailed, residents of experiential tourism demand continues to increase, the ice in represented by ice-snow tourism industry as a whole development is worth waiting for.But also must see that the current ice industry development in our country there are still many difficulties, such as ice and snow sports in our country's mass base is not wide, penetration and consciousness of western developed countries in the condition of weak relatively, therefore in the process of promoting the difficulty big, infrastructure is still weak, and so on.

Avoid blindly into the capital

"To see white economy increasingly hot, and the development of beijing-tianjin-hebei ice industry and capital into the layout of the need to be more cautious and research, to avoid some pit," hua teng ice Hou Minghui, general manager of Beijing business newspaper reporters at the scene of the meeting, and said, "from the top design, the three should be unified standard in terms of service, facilities, etc, so that the beijing-tianjin-hebei can provide higher quality products, ice and snow can also avoid price war, homogeneous competition, and other issues.More importantly, industry, capital into the ice to avoid blind."

Hou Minghui financial analysis, ice and snow industry high barriers to entry, cost is larger, so the capital in addition to see its light 'money, but also to consumers, local resources, development potential, and how the four seasons operational aspects of in-depth research, not a racket head, or later will face a big difficulty.

Also notable is that talents lack of snow and ice in our country, consumers will need to be surrounded.Many industry experts pointed out that the great part of the ski resort employees is the local villagers, cultural quality is generally not high, how to make up talent short board is industry of common crack problems.Mentioned consumption crowd, Lin Xianpeng suggested, "in addition to improve the quality of products and services, attract more tourists, should also be made of ice and snow sports a compulsory course for middle and primary school sports, strengthen school and enterprise cooperation, strengthen the government purchase of public services, real push for 'three hundred million people on the ice and snow."