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Locals also love to travel in the province. Intra-provincial travel leads the recovery of domestic tourism market consumption.

Date: 2020-03-30

"At home for nearly two months, I can't wait to figure it out and don't fail this spring." As the epidemic situation gradually stabilized, tourists all over the country couldn't help but yearn for travel. Recently, the reporter learned that many provinces and cities' cultural and tourism departments have issued documents to guide travel agencies and online tourism companies to resume some of their business activities. At present, urban tourism and in-province tourism have become the first important markets for domestic tourism to recover.

Many provinces and cities have launched local tours

Take a sightseeing bus and visit the "Past and Present" of Yuyuan Garden. On March 26, the tour groups that appeared in many landmarks in Shanghai attracted a lot of people's attention. These tour groups are not foreign tourists or foreigners, they are all authentic. Shanghainese. In mid-March, the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism issued the "Notice on the Resumption of Partial Business Activities of Tourism Enterprises in the City", which informed the city's travel agencies of the limited resumption of production and resumption of production. Apart from the group travel business and the "air ticket + hotel" travel business, other business activities can be carried out normally. "There are tourists wearing cheongsams, maybe they have been staying for too long. I hope to welcome this spring with the most beautiful attitude." As the organizer of this tour group, the relevant person in charge of Spring and Autumn Tourism said that a total of 10 were organized this time. A total of 394 people from each tour group took the "urban sightseeing" bus and traveled to Shencheng in spring. In order to allow tourists to have a better experience, in addition to the automatic explanation on the car, an excellent guide was arranged for each car. Young colleagues also started a live webcast at the same time. Also on March 26, the starting group of the "Enjoy the surroundings-1-day tour of Toxon Apricot Garden Sahuan" organized by Kaiser Tourism Xinjiang Urumqi Branch also officially started. The person in charge of Kaiser Tourism said that after receiving the notice that Xinjiang cultural tourism industry can resume business, Urumqi Branch quickly organized resources to launch spring tour routes such as flower viewing tours and self-driving tours. At present, many tourists have called for registration.

March 21 is a Saturday and a day worth remembering in the Yunnan tourism circle. A 12-person tour group flew from Kunming Changshui Airport to Banna, thus kicking off the prelude to "Yunnan Traveling to Yunnan". It is understood that on March 20th, the Department of Culture and Tourism of Yunnan Province issued the "Notice on the Resumption of Partial Business Activities of Travel Agency Enterprises", clearly stating that various travel agencies and online tourism enterprises in Yunnan can resume their teams except cross-province and entry-exit Tourism business. Mr. Mai and Ms. Yang, who have been in the house for more than 40 days, are very excited about the trip. "I have stayed at home for too long, and I really hope to go out and breathe quickly."

As the executor of this itinerary, Lin Xiaolin, chairman of the union and director of the Comprehensive Office of the Kunming branch of Shanghai Airlines, stated that in order to allow more tourists who like to travel out of their homes safely, the Kunming branch of Shanghai Airlines has launched The starting group, and chose Xishuangbanna, the most popular among Yunnan people, as the destination. At the same time, the reporter learned that the epidemic prevention security of tourists is also a key task in the itinerary, such as providing tourists with free masks, alcohol, disposable hand sanitizer and other epidemic prevention items; measuring the temperature of tourists daily and filling in detailed travel records; Tourist vehicles and hotels carry out killing and epidemic prevention; meals are divided into meals. "The reason we take such comprehensive and detailed protective measures is to maximize the safety, security and comfort of the tourist environment for each starting group tourist, and to greet the next comprehensive resumption of production in a better state." Lin Xiaolin explain.

The reporter found from online inquiry that up to now, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Guizhou, Yunnan, Chongqing, Hainan, Shaanxi, Zhejiang, Ningxia, Henan, Inner Mongolia, Hunan and other provinces have opened local tourism operations.

Tourists' willingness to travel is obvious

A survey report released by the China Tourism Academy and the Ctrip Tourism Big Data Joint Laboratory shows that after the epidemic ended, more than 90% of the respondents chose domestic tourism. Around the city, domestic short and medium-term tours, and domestic long-term tours are the main choices, accounting for 24%, 43%, and 23% respectively. Peng Liang, chief researcher of the Ctrip Tourism Big Data Lab, believes that the impact of the epidemic on the tourism industry is periodic, and people's needs have not disappeared. There is a strong willingness to travel, especially domestic travel, and domestic leisure and vacation travel will usher in opportunities.

The same Cheng said that with the gradual control of the epidemic, the national scenic spots are gradually opening up. According to the data of Yilong Scenic Spot, the opening rate of the national scenic spots on March 18 has been close to 50%. From March 1 to March 22, Scenic spot orders have increased by more than 100% week-on-week for three consecutive weeks, showing a strong recovery. With the implementation of the notice of the resumption of some business activities of travel agency enterprises in various provinces and cities, and the current demand for flower viewing in the green season, this data is expected to grow more significantly.

In the face of increasing travel demand, major tourism companies are currently taking steps to step up innovation. "Getting out of the house, the surrounding tours and day trips will become the precursor of the tourism industry recovery." According to the relevant person in charge of Ctrip Tourism, more affordable prices and more adequate protection are the focus of stimulating tourism. According to reports, recently, after resuming some of the business activities of travel agencies in Guizhou, Ctrip Travel,, and Guizhou Tourism PepsiCo have jointly designed a series of "Guizhou People Touring Guizhou" products, and created a group of online platforms and offline stores. Peripheral routes popular with tourists such as "Dragon Palace Cruise + Rapeseed Flower One-day Tour", "Pingtang Tianyan One-day Tour in China", etc. At the same time, Ctrip has also begun to resume group tours in the province for 2-4 days, focusing on quality groups and small groups to ensure user experience.

The Meituan side said that in order to help the consumer gradually recover, the Meituan “Reassurance Play” also launched the “Relief epidemic prevention assistant” function, which facilitates the “Anxinwan” scenic area to show visitors their health more directly and accurately. At present, the "Relief Assistant for Peace of Mind" has been piloted in many scenic spots such as Window of the World in Changsha, Guzi Ancient Town in Wuhu, Xiangcheng in Jincheng and Fenghuanggou. Changsha Liu, director of marketing at the Window of the World Scenic Spot, said that the “Reassurance Epidemic Prevention Assistant” will allow the scenic spot to synchronize the epidemic prevention information with tourists in a more timely and comprehensive manner, further boosting the confidence of tourism consumption, and also enable real-time self-inspection of the epidemic prevention work. Protect the safety of tourists.

Dai Bin, Director of the China Tourism Academy, believes that for those low-risk areas where the epidemic situation has been initially controlled, based on an effective assessment of the market stock and consumption potential, it can be started steadily from local residents' leisure and surrounding tourism. Start the local tourism market, that is, "people from somewhere visit somewhere". At the same time, Dai Bin emphasized: "The local mentioned here can be county, city, or province. With the development of the situation, the tourism markets of neighboring counties, cities, prefectures, provinces and cities that are also low risk are steadily promoted. , The solid point becomes a line, and a piece of face is formed, and finally a national tourism market is formed. "