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The hotel industry how to polish the gold-lettered signboard of 'China service'?

Date: 2018-02-09

2018 national tourism work report put forward to promote the new era of tourism in our country from quality tourism development stage of rapid growth stage."Implementation of brand strategy, vigorously promote China quality tourism brand charm" become one of 18 key work.Among them, the requirements of star-rated hotels, boutique tourist hotels, cultural theme hotel brand optimization.At the recent related hotel meeting, the participants on how to improve China's service of the hotel industry and how to through cross-border innovation on the discussion broaden hotel management thinking, the two hot topics is also the important support of the hotel brand construction under the new era.

"The hotel industry after 30 years of development has formed a huge industry scale, in promoting China's economic development plays a more and more important role.At the same time focus on service, attaches great importance to the service is the root of the industry, in "China service" in the process of creating a national brand, the hotel should become innovators, exhibitors and leader."Recently, sponsored by the China tourist hotel association of the eighth member congress was held in sanya, on the theme BBS, Beijing Beijing capital tourism home inns hotel group general manager sun chien the words struck a chord with the participant.

Multiple points of view to understand the Chinese service

What about China's hotel industry service?Li, a professor in the school of sichuan university tourism, China is the hotel guests to move for the purpose of service, refers to meet the needs of diversity for the purpose, on the basis of standardization of continuous innovation and development.Present in products and services to go to the lavatory, width, letter, min, hui Chinese gentleman's demeanor and implicative, a feeling of warm service.In his view, China is definitely not in the hotel's existing services, effective hotel standards of denial, but to adapt to the change of market demand, is a kind of upgrade;China emphasizes the product innovation of service will be the combination of the characteristics of Oriental culture with the hotel service.China service reflects the new situation of China hotel core values.

As part of the modern economy, the pursuit of profit maximization is the basic principles of hotel development, but at present many hotel managers stay put nahshon, lower the cost of play, didn't realize the potential value from the high-quality service.Hotel guests were obtained through the service must be a kind of intangible value, to enhance the attraction of the hotel and customer loyalty is a very important role.

"China service is to psychological reading service, the service object of cognition, the service atmosphere of the shape, service scenario design, mastery of service attitude and to the use of the service skills.When experiential consumption era, how can we further insight and understanding the nature of China's service, connotation and denotation is the key."Shanghai donghu group vice President Mr. Cao think, Chinese service is in the tide of international competition, make the hotel clients reputation and market influence dislocation operation stand out an important safeguard.

In wuhan golden shield hotel group, general manager of his point of view, when the departure of the guest message said, the hotel staff to give him such a man away from home brings happiness, is the embodiment of the Chinese service.

"Today we are talking about globalization, the international that fit China's services must be with this is to be interpreted by professional technology."Sun chien said.

The Internet can China service

With the coming of information era, the Internet has become a "utility".Many guests enter the room or restaurant asked the first sentence is "have a WIFI?China service also needs to keep pace with The Times, take the express on the Internet.

Li wo wyndham hotel rooms in sanya cat elves "day" lying on the desk, the guest can not only talk to the robot of artificial intelligence, let it with music, check data, you can even yelled at it, for comfort.For many are called digital natives has applauded after after 90, 00.

"AI era is open.As a hotel industry history how to cope with new consumption concept, let them feel the Chinese service?"Wyndham hotel group in greater China region President Mr Liu army's opinion, the hotel requires a hipster leading the consumption trend of the younger generation;Need to put the hotel offline space and flow value fully recycling, with the combination of Internet companies do more fully.

This year, the flying pigs live "credit" for the hotel to save 9 million hours, let the front desk cashier personnel gathered little 20 billion deposit.More than 400 international hotel for "credit" covers the hotel the whole scene, less than six months on the whole hotel fees income increased by 7%.

"The key now is for hotel use what kind of tools or platforms connecting consumers, can be connected to the consumer is the most important, rather than the tool or platform is a hotel.That is the essence of the Internet."Alibaba group vice President, CEO robb pig flies, for example: double tenth last year, after a 90 flying pigs team with Internet data found in the hotel industry from the Angle of technical personnel "new world".They through the way of the Internet of things connected to more than 2000 hotels in 200 cities of China, the hotel as a product.Between them and the hotel did not meet, there is no agreement, fully trust relationship based on the Internet, in a double tenth day sell 70000 rooms, as of December 27th night being snapped up 90% of consumers have used up their products.

"The competition of the future market competition is the data, who can have more data, who have the ability to bring more opportunities in the hotel.Data is a tool that can help hotel better implementation of China's service."Beijing hui information technology co., LTD., chief executive of ziv flashed out a set of data that a hotel guest online booking process is divided into the search, browse, reserve three links.In the search link, 56.5% of the guests will actively design keyword search, that is to say, the guest search specific goals. We use keywords to shorten the time cost.This means that when the hotel are willing to reveal information does not accord with the guest target, doesn't even have the chance of exposure.Now a big part of the guest is filtered according to the review scores, 98% of users choose scoring at 4.0 points above hotel.Therefore, attaches great importance to the guest comments on content, and reply in a timely manner is very important for hotel.Some recent hotel health events, for example, had a lot of comments on the event before the outbreak of advice to the involved hotel, just don't get hotel.

In fact China service also includes many connotation, hotel wants to make