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One key to unlock new ways to play in Jiangnan Water Village

Date: 2021-09-02

There are only small bridges and flowing water in the south of the Yangtze River? Recently, at the Shanghai Hongqiao High-speed Railway Station, the "Kunwei Life, One City, Fenghua" Kunshan Scenery Theme Exhibition, Zhouzhuang has won unanimous praise from visitors for its fashionable, cross-border and diversified new water village gameplay. "I never thought that the ancient town of the water town would be able to play so many tricks. Lantern festivals, food and night Zhouzhuang, each of which made me look forward to it!" Mr. Zhao from Shanghai praised Zhouzhuang in this way.

Walking in the Jincheng Hall, the rich and delicious Wansantou and the fresh and refreshing grandma's dishes interpret the beauty of Zhouzhuang's rich and beautiful water town from the perspective of food. What tourists most look forward to is the annual Mid-Autumn Lantern Festival on both sides of the Taiwan Strait (Kunshan). It is reported that the cultural tourism image exhibition is guided by the Publicity Department of the Kunshan Municipal Party Committee and hosted by Kunshan Tourism Resort, Zhouzhuang Town, Jinxi Town, Qiandeng Town, Bacheng Town, and Dianshan Lake Town. The exhibition shows the beauty of the rivers in the south of the Yangtze River among the hundred scenic views of Kunshan.

Zhouzhuang has a long history, rich culture, beautiful environment, and rich ecological resources. There are many lakes and wetlands such as Chenghu Lake, Tianhuadang Lake, Taishidian Lake, Xiaodian Lake, Baiclam Lake and Nanhu Lake, and there are many natural villages and basic farmland reserves in the territory. The original ecology of the Jiangnan water town has been well protected. More than 60% of the dwellings in the ancient town of Zhouzhuang are still buildings of Ming and Qing Dynasties, and 14 ancient bridges with various characteristics are preserved. It is one of the first batch of historical and cultural towns in the country and a national 5A-level tourist attraction. There are more than 10 international and domestic honors, such as ten beautiful small towns and beautiful country towns in the country. On May 31 this year, the Kunshan Tourism Resort and Jindian Week Integrated Development Promotion Conference was held, creating a new situation for the integrated development of Kunshan Tourism Resort and Jindian Week. Zhouzhuang, as an important part of the integrated development of Jindian Zhou, while retaining the original characteristics of the water town, it also ushered in brand new development opportunities.

Guofeng electronic music, wonderful light show, and the hazy scenery of the water village between light and shadow, such a "cross-border and reverse growth" "Ye Zhouzhuang" makes tourists cry out: "Zhouzhuang that broke the dimensional wall is so amazing! "You must stay in Zhouzhuang for one night!" After years of continuous development and continuous improvement, "Ye Zhouzhuang" is based on the culture of the ancient water town, integrates new technologies of sound, light and shadow, and adapts to the new needs of tourists. It has become a new night cultural tourism in Jiangnan town. The product extends the visitor's footsteps in viewing the water town from day to night. There is also a cross-border integration of popular elements such as music festivals, national tides, and Hanfu, attracting young people to play in Yezhouzhuang, and jointly interpret "there is a kind of life called Zhouzhuang" with young people. The Mid-Autumn Lantern Festival on both sides of the Taiwan Strait (Kunshan) staged an exquisite dream trip of light and shadow every year in the ancient town of Zhouzhuang and the old streets of Taiwan, creating a tour experience of "people are traveling in the painting, and the lights never sleep." The Lantern Festival integrates the cultural elements of the same origin on both sides of the Taiwan Strait, and promotes the sublimation of friendship and the warming of feelings between compatriots on both sides of the strait.

In addition to "Ye Zhouzhuang", Zhouzhuang, which has devoted itself to sculpting "exquisite" global tourism, has formulated and issued the "Three-year Improvement Project Implementation Plan for the Construction of "Global Tourism"" around the goal of "building the world's most beautiful water town", with ancient town scenic spots as the "leading" in the south , To create a provincial-level characteristic town; in the central part, taking the Taishidian wetland area as the "dragon body", the Sunac·Zhouzhuang Taishidian International Cultural Tourism City project will be introduced. A world-class water tourism destination integrating high-end conferences, high-end vacations, and headquarters economy; in the north, with the Pantianhuadang area as the "dragon tail", the Zhouzhuang Digital DreamWorks project was launched, and efforts were made to create the integration of "culture + technology" and "technology + tourism" The development of benchmark projects has promoted a new leap in global tourism and created a high-quality global tourism demonstration zone.